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Who we are

A small non-profit group dedicated to caring for and providing shelter, food, medical care and LOVE to feral and special needs cats.

All of the cats inside our home needing special care and medical attention came from outdoors - most from the feral colonies we care for (though to us they are no longer "feral", some allowing us to pet them, others even to hold them!). Most that are ill have multiple conditions - Angel, for instance is epileptic, blind, has cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies. Winky is in remission from ear canal cancer (after having both ear canals removed and receiving radiation treatments) is now deaf, blind has high BP and kidney disease. And there are many more......

What makes us different? There are just two of us caring for 26 cats - they KNOW us they are not highly adoptable. They are very fearful of strangers. Sadly, many, that are inside with us were treated quite poorly when they were outdoors. Not everyone likes cats - or any animals for that matter..

We will love and care for these sweet babies for life and have proudly devoted our lives to their well-being.

Tom & Barb, Every Meow Matters

Mr. Dribbles loves the Friskies donations we received from Alice & Maryanne!

The sanctuary is full and so are our hearts!

After YEARS of waiting - years of hitting walls, falling flat, facing heartbreak, the cats are finally in their new warm, comfortable, happy sanctuary!

It has been a long wait but we could not be happier. 

The Every Meow Matters ComFURt Inn is filled with happy cats - purr-fect!!

Sandy snuggles on Daddy's legs!

So blessed to have the support of Angelic Touch LLC, Hamilton. Not only do they give the best massages but they are paws-atively wonderful

to our rescue. 


              In Memory Of BOOTS

   We may have lost you to cancer but

     you will remain in our hearts and                           minds forever..

Did you know?? Our "Donate" button now has PayPal and credit options! If you'd like to make a donation to our rescue it is easier than ever!

Meet some of our family... (click/scroll)

Angel dreaming of some new gifts being delivered from our Amazon Wishlist!!

So MEOW-velous of you to stop by!

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